AWAD & Co. Tourist Agency ltd. started way back by our great grandfather Hanna AWAD in 1860.

In 1882, he welcomed the very first Assumptionist Pilgrimage from France.

A century later, the same Assumptionist order, my late father and uncle Richard & Edmond AWAD, yours truly included, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of this pilgrimage.

This introduction would not be complete without mentioning my grandfather Bishara AWAD, who kept this family business going through violent times (World Wars and regional conflict).


AWAD & Co. Tourist agency Ltd. specializes in handling groups and individual pilgrims from Europe, North and South America and South Africa. AWAD & CO.  prides itself in the top quality personalized attention and services it provides to its clients. While constantly introducing new items to our  programs and itineraries, we still offer tailor made programs that meet the requirements and wishes of each of our clients individually.


Charly R. AWAD

General Manager